The Lower Beverley Lake Association

Our Mission:

• to foster preservation of the pristine character of the lake environment • to serve as a focal point for lake stewardship and improvement projects • to provide information concerning matters related to the lake community • to provide a forum for lake users to meet and to get know each other

Lake Associations: a FOCA video project,

by Chelsie Xavier-Blower

Managing Your Waterfront Property in a Changing Climate

Top 5 Actions Shoreline Owners can take

1. Keep your shoreline natural and enhance it if possible

A naturalized shoreline is generally considered the best multi-purpose approach to protecting the lake’s edge. Protect the natural shoreline by replanting areas that lack vegetation and maintain those areas that already exist.

2. Keep aquatic plant populations intact

Aquatic plants support the insects that fish eat, and are a primary food and habitat source for birds. In addition, aquatic plants help stabilize loose sediment and are an effective natural breakwater keeping waves from eroding the shoreline.

3. Maintain and improve your waterfront property’s health and biodiversity

Enhance biodiversity on your property by leaving rock piles, fallen tree limbs and brush piles untouched so they can function as wildlife habitat.  Re-vegetate bare grounds near streams, rivers and lakes and encourage native species of flowers, shrubs and trees to limit your maintenance work and provide shelter to native species.

4. Manage pests and disease

Understand which insects, diseases and invasive species might be expected at your waterfront property and be on the lookout for them with regular monitoring to enable early intervention and easier management.

5. Stay informed

It is important to stay informed and attuned to developments in science and research and incentive programs that may affect you and your waterfront property. Sign up to receive FOCA’s free monthly Elert (electronic newsletter) today at https://foca.on.ca!

For complete booklet: https://foca.on.ca/managing-your-waterfront-property-in-a-changing-climate/

Shoreline Owner’s Guide to Healthy Waterfronts: This guide gives a quick and easy overview of ways to make the most of your shoreline property, while living in balance with your lake’s fragile ecosystem.  https://foca.on.ca/shoreline-owners-guide-to-healthy-waterfronts/

Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources  www.climateontario.ca

 Do you have a Cottage that you have for rent on the lake??

As a service to our members and others who love and enjoy Lower Beverley Lake, we are trying something new…  We will publish information about cottages on the lake that are available to rent.  In order to put information regarding your cottage, you must be a paid member of the association for 2017.  follow link…

 Questions, Comments or Suggestions…. contact me. lynne.jeffries@comcast.net


  1. lbla

    Our shoals are marked by a buoy with a solar light on them (they go in in May and get pulled in September -usually) In general, the lake is pretty deep, just stay away from the rocky points of the island and shores- the points tend to continue into the water. Welcome!!
    Lynne Jeffries
    LBLA President

    • Louise Mantha

      People who are new to the lake should also get a copy of the “Boaters’ Guide to Lower Beverley Lake”, a small brochure that gives the lay-out of the lake, some of the history, and mentions the shoal markers and other safety tips. The brochures are available at our AGM in July