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 Tree Swallows

Lately I have noticed a great decrease in the number of Tree Swallows and other insect eating birds.  Perhaps this poem may draw attention to the problems facing these beneficial creatures:

Jeanne B. Patric



This spring has perfect flowers.

The lilac’s never been so sated,

its blossoms overwhelm

with mauve delight,

my apple tree’s adrift in pink and white,

and just last week forsythia’s golden fronds

were brighter than the sun itself.

But sky is empty.

Tree swallows which in years before

dipped and zoomed

and roller coasted up on high

are absent now.


Who knows why?

Their vanquished winter habitat?

The poisons killing off the flies?

Some other deadly blight?

Now crows and blackbirds fill the air

like drones,

and those insectivores,

so blue and light and lovely,

come no more.


 Birds in Decline need your help!!


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