FOCA is the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations, a not-for-profit organization representing volunteer associations and individual property owners all across Ontario. They are our provincial voice.

Their Mission:

To protect thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario.

Their Vision:

FOCA will continue to be the pre-eminent Ontario-wide organization representing cottagers and permanent waterfront residents. FOCA will be responsible for promoting vibrant and sustainable waterfront communities through effective communication, education and advocacy. FOCA will:

  • Encourage and empower positive environmental stewardship by providing information and tools
  • Promote and provide leadership for sound public policy on key issues
  • Align with other key partners that support like goals and objectives

A2A (Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association)
Dedicated to restoring, protecting and maintaining natural areas from Algonquin to Adirondack

Centre For Sustainable Watersheds

Make a Pledge for a Natural Edge!


[Perth, Ontario] – Centre for Sustainable Watersheds is initiating The Natural Edge, a shoreline makeover program to naturalize up to 60 private shorelines. This voluntary landowner assistance program is available to waterfront property owners in the Gananoque River watershed (which includes Gananoque, Upper Beverley, Lower Beverley, Graham, Redhorse, Fody, Centre, and South Lakes) that have little shoreline vegetation and/or ongoing erosion issues.

“Planting native shrubs and trees on a shoreline creates a beautiful, healthy buffer” says Hillary Knack, Shoreline Naturalization Coordinator for Centre for Sustainable Watersheds. “Natural shorelines are beneficial because they help to reduce erosion, maintain a lake’s water quality, filter stormwater runoff, and provide a diversity of habitat for fish and wildlife.”

Program staff will work with interested landowners to create a planting design that merges their land use needs with the concepts of shoreline naturalization. They will also provide all the technical and physical assistance required for the project; shoreline property owners need only provide a financial contribution of 25% of eligible costs.

The Natural Edge also provides opportunities for the broader public: workshops are being planned that will allow attendees to learn about the benefits and techniques of shoreline naturalization, and volunteer planting assistance is welcome for plantings this fall and spring of 2014. Updated information on these and other opportunities will be posted on

This program is offered in partnership with the Gananoque River Waterways Association and the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. It is made possible through the financial support of Shell FuellingChange, Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, RBC Blue Water Project, and Home Depot–Evergreen.

Centre for Sustainable Watersheds is a non-profit organization based in Perth, Ontario that aims to protect water quality in Canada’s lakes and rivers by providing training programs, educational materials and hands-on initiatives to water-based individuals and communities.

Frontenac Arch Biosphere

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority

Youtube video about Frontenac Arch Biosphere

Frontenac Arch Paddling Routes

Gananoque River Waterways Association

Leeds-Grenville Stewardship Council

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