A History of Lower Beverley Lake

‘Ripples Through Time’ constitutes a nostalgic cruise through the lives of many of those who, in their passing, have stirred the shimmering waters of Lower Beverley Lake. In 2007, the Lower Beverley Lake Association celebrated its 75th anniversary, and what better way could there be to honour this occasion than by capturing for posterity much of the early history of the lake?

This book focuses primarily on the older homes and stories of those who settled here in the late 1800’s and early 20th century. Many homes have been built in recent years that will also form part of our history when the time comes. We urge all who read these pages to start recording their history now, and not join those who say “I wish I had asked these questions to my parents…grandparents…, etc.” Sources used to capture these ‘ripples through time’ include local histories, newspaper articles, lectures, surveys, archives, tours, maps, photographs, artefacts, genealogies and many, many interviews. To write a comprehensive history would have taken more resources than we could muster. We have attempted to capture the flavour of what life was like on the lake in earlier days, a sense of who lived here then, what kinds of structures they built, and what activities took up their time.

We apologize if the book left out people or buildings which you may deem more significant. Our challenge was to choose amongst the myriad of stories and photographs we collected from those who generously contributed their recollections. We sincerely hope you will find the results an interesting glimmer into past life on Lower Beverley Lake.

Enjoy these ripples through time….celebrate those whose memories we cherish in these pages, above all, enjoy the never-ending beauty of our magnificent Lower Beverley Lake…..order by completing the order form below


LBLA Decalsdecal2

2 sizes available: Large ($5)  is 4 inches x 6 inches, Small ($2) is 2 inches x 4 inches.  Available at any of our events, on your LBLA membership form or you may contact an executive board member.


IscapularisposterTick Removal Kits

Our Tick Removal Kit is in a small ziploc bag with an identification label attached. Each kit contains  an alcohol swab, a tick removal tool, and a small lidded bottle in which the tick can be transported to the health unit or your doctor or veterinarian as well as information about removing ticks, recognizing ticks, how to reduce ticks around your home, how to avoid tick bites and recognizing the symptoms of Lyme disease.  There is also a form to fill out if you wish to submit the tick to the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Unit to be sent on for further testing. Each tick kit is $8 and is available at any of our events, on your LBLA membership form or you may contact an executive board member.


Self-Tour of the Lake

The LBLA published a self-guided tour of the lake for boaters. It is intended to inform boaters touring Lower Beverley Lake of the historic homes and points of interest on the lake.


The Common Loon Brochure

Known for its haunting calls & striking black & white breeding plumage, the Common Loon uses many Ontario lakes for its summer nesting grounds. A recently published brochure about Loons includes facts, frequently asked questions, and hints to help our loons on Lower Beverley Lake thrive.

 LBLA loon brochure 2012

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