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Lower Beverley Lake Association History

Celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2007, the Lower Beverley Lake Association is proud of what it has managed to accomplish over the years, through valiant efforts by mainly summer volunteers.

Founding of the Association
In 1932, a group of residents concerned about preserving their natural surrounding established the ‘Beverley Lake Protective Association’ (BLPA).  Mary Mott, Myrtle Broley, Frank Conklin, and Steve Seaman were the original founders who hoped to influence government decision-makers regarding such issues as the illegal fishing of pike and bass and the need for consistent water levels via the construction of a proper holding dam at Lyndhurst.  At the first meeting, Lloyd Irwin from Delta was appointed Secretary and he held that position for 38 years.

Minutes from the founding meeting in 1932 indicate that a number of projects were considered: cleaning up and deepening the Delta Creek, building a public wharf, placing a light at the railroad bridge, procuring and placing fish fry and fingerlings in the lake, investigating the faulty dam at Lyndhurst, and improving the condition of roads leading to the various camps.

World War II and 1950’s
The Association remained active and held successful annual picnics until the advent of World War II and rationing put a stop to them.  In 1950, the Association was reactivated with annual dues of 50 cents!  The motto in those days was “To know each fellow camper better and to work together for the advancement of the interests of Beverley Lake”.  Once again, the Association took up the water level cause.

Maintaining adequate water levels in the lake required ongoing surveillance. Two mills operating in Lyndhurst required a steady flow of water and one mill owner was even caught attempting to dynamite the rock ledge at Lyndhurst to increase the river flow.  On another occasion, strangers masquerading as Government officials removed logs from the dam in the spring and the lake hit dangerously low levels that summer before the ruse was discovered and logs put back in to dam the lake.

Over the years, the Association continued to pressure the Government of Ontario for a newly constructed dam at Lyndhurst. It was finally completed in 1960 with much tenacious assistance from the Honourable Jimmie Auld, the Provincial Member of Parliament, to whom the BLPA bestowed a gift at the inaugural ceremony of the dam. In 1969, controversy around fluctuating water levels still persisted, with the Gananoque Power Company clamouring for more lake water in competition with other interests. The Beverley Lake Association was an instrumental component of a Government-appointed management committee set up to resolve the conflict and to oversee water fluctuations. Still today, if mishandled the operation of the various dams can produce drought or flooding.

Membership in the association has grown over the years.  Members used to receive an annual Membership Card, listing all Officers and the names of those serving on the Social, Sports and Membership Committees. Meetings were held informally in person’s homes, such as the 1966 picnic and business meeting held at Lloyd Irwin’s Park Lodge with 70 members and visitors in attendance.

Current Day
From approximately two hundred year-round and summer residences in 1960, Lower Beverley Lake now sports approximately 400 residences with more than a third of those year-round homes.  In 2004, members approved a Constitution and By-Laws, and the ‘Lower Beverley Lake Association” was incorporated under federal law as a non-profit organization.   The Association has its own web site, an annual newsletter, liability insurance, and a new logo. Its mission is to foster preservation of the pristine character of the lake environment to serve as a focal point for lake stewardship and improvement projects to provide information concerning matters related to the lake community; and to provide a forum for lake users to meet and to get know each other.
The issues of concern to the Association today include water levels and water quality, the development of a long-term lake management plan, the placement of formal shoal markers for safe boating, the protection of fish and other natural resources.  In addition to holding its Annual General Meeting, the Association organizes an annual Lake Clean-up Day, holds an annual picnic, and distributes a welcome kit for newcomers to the lake. The LBLA has also won many prizes for its float in the annual Delta Fair parade including several 1st place awards.

LBLA Presidents
The Association would never have survived without the dedication of those who have volunteered their services over the years.  Although it would be impossible to mention all of the many volunteers who have generously devoted their time and efforts, for posterity’s sake here is a list (in order of their term) of those who have served as President of the LBLA:

1. Frank G. Conklin 19. Stella E. Cheetham
2. Dolph Stevens 20. York Wills (1977-1979)
3. Earl Boulger 21. Frank Ellis (1979-1981)
4. William R. Rodenhauser 22. Al Brown (1981-1983)
5. William T. Ellis 23. Ed VanVoorhis (1983-1985)
6. Thomas Harris 24. Pam Howe (1985-1987)
7. Charles Broley 25. Blythe Broughton (1987-1989)
8. J.T.H. Russell 26. Al Brown (1989-1991)
9. E.A. Chester 27. Doug Kilpatrick (1991-1999)
10. Gerard Angermann 28. Don Santos (1999-2001)
11. Seaman H. Barlow 29. Millard Goodsell (2001-2003)
12. Robert Lang 30. Ed VanVoorhis (2003-2005)
13. Robert F. Tuck 31. Louise Mantha (2005-2007)
14. Charles Goodsell 32. Lily Faust (2007-2009)
15. Arnold Kellyr 33. Dave Champagne (2009-2011)
16. Millard Goodsell 33. Louise Mantha (co-pres) 2011-2012
17. Lloyd Irwin 34.Lily Faust (co-pres) 2011-2012
18. D. W. Wilson 35. Lynne Jeffries (2012-2016)

The Lower Beverley Lake Association is continually looking for volunteers to carry on the work of preserving the quality of life and natural beauty of our beautiful surroundings. We encourage interested individuals to come forward and contribute to the legacy our forerunners have bestowed upon us.

A History of Lower Beverley Lake

A book entitled “Ripples Through Time: A History of Lower Beverley Lake” was published in 2007 and can be purchased by completing the  Book Order form . For more information, click on Ripples Through Time.

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